Most people don’t really know who the CEO of healtechblog is. This article is a full biography of the CEO of the world class blog on health and technology.

Idika Emmanuel Hilary is the CEO of healtechblog , he is a Nigerian who lives in his country Nigeria. He is the second child of his parent Eld Dr. Idika Digbo Dickson and Mrs Adaku Idika. Having being the second child of his parent he is also the second son out of 3 children which happened to be boys all through. His brother names are Idika Obinna ( the first son ) and Idika Victor ( the third son ). He is currently a student at federal university of technology owerri Nigeria studying Dental Technology a health and technology based course.

His love for health and technology inspired him to open a blog on health and technology to reach out to millions on these aspects. He did his elementary school at Chris Kiddies Nursery and Primary School Ketu , Lagos Nigeria then he proceeded to Hill Top College Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria where he did his secondary school.

He is a young man who is smart and loves learning because no one is an island ,he tries to learn new things everyday by mingling with people with the same mind as his. He is a man with different personalities but loves to teach people who wants to learn. His likes are art, cycling, reading, yellow color, elegant and smart ladies while his dislikes are snakes, people who live to impress people, overall he is a man to be with.

His entrepreneur life was inherited from his parents who are also entrepreneurs , his dad his the CEO of Kadiks Chemical Industry an industry that produces texile inks , retarders and various chemicals while his mum is the CEO of Adaku confectionary a catering industry that produces bean flour, cakes and any other thing bake able.His siblings are also students from different learning institution.

His wish for his blog is for it to impact people healthy life for health is wealth.

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